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Thank you for visit our Financial Research Firm. We provide analytical reports on the economy, financial investments and precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum and copper prices.

We provide investment research reports on gold bullion investing. Our clients receive research paper on gold bullion and trading funds to profit from precious metals. Over the next couple of years we see a great bull market in gold and silver. We see silver prices moving higher then $125 an ounce and we see gold over $5000. Investors can participate in the greatest bull market in history by getting involved in precious metals trading.

Over the past decade silver has rose from $5 an ounce to $49 and gold has moved from $200 an ounce to close to $2000. We see the gold, silver and platinum as one of the greatest assets in the coming years. Signs that the bull market in gold and silver is about to take off is higher interest rates and a derivatives market issue. In addition to silver prices increasing we see palladium prices also rising as well.

Our Goals:

We at Musetech central provide the latest economic updates on precious metals investing. Our expert analysts provide forecasts on the bullion precious metals market and provide research reports on the economy, gold and silver prices and news updates. Our goal is to provide our readers with the leading source of news on gold and silver prices as well as economic analysis.

Over the next couple of years we will focus on bringing information about the dollar value, economic policies and analysis and the current global economic climate. We will also talk about currencies, gold, silver prices and the current conditions of the European Union and the economic climate all over the world from Asia to the Middle East. All countries are interconnected by the banking system, what effects nations overseas also effects us domestically.

Focusing on internal well as internationally affairs will give us a greater understanding of where our country, the United States is headed. Many people are worried about the quantitative easing initiative by the Federal Reserve and are preparing for a devaluation. The foreign nations such as Brazil, Italy and China have all made steps to stop trading in the U.S. dollar. We will discuss the implications this will have on the American economy. Our gross domestic product has been dwindling in the U.S for decades while Asian countries such as China have become the manufacturing centers of the world. What would happen if the dollar were to lose tremendous value over the coming years leading the U.S. companies to have to increase their purchasing of raw materials and imports over five fold. How will this impact the everyday consumer in America. As the currencies devalue silver prices and gold price charts rise.

Many U.S. companies are dependent on importations to keep their companies going and making revenue. If the dollar were to be devalued substantially as economists predict, this will substantially change the way we lead our lives in the U.S. Our standards of living will change dramatically..

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Arizona State to Make Gold and Silver Legal Tender

Arizona state is one of the first states following Nevada to decide whether or not to make gold and silver legal tender. Consumers will be allowed to shop using gold and silver coins and the value of the coin will be determined on a minute to minute basis depending on what the price of gold and silver is for that day. While consumers can shop using gold and silver coins, shops will not be obligated to take gold and silver.

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